March 10th 2011 UCHG Meeting

Some exciting news to share before I move onto this months post…

The UCHG has received permission to utilize the Ulster County Senior Center – located just to the left of the courthouse – for our monthly meetings!! For those members who missed January’s meeting you will soon learn why this is such a source of great excitement. The newly build facility is both luxurious and cozy!

I would like to thank everyone who attended February’s meeting and participated in the events of the evening! In addition to some new proposals and motions – details to follow in the ‘What’s New in the UCHG” section of the guild newsletter – the carding lesson was a success!! I think everyone learned at least one new trick with the hand carders and we were able to card up a nice collection of rolags for Marches meeting.

Blending angora and wool on the hand carders

Please note that fiber and one set of carders will be available at next months meeting should we need more rolags for the evening’s lesson…

Carding session in the courtroom

The topic for March is spinning with the long draw! Spinning long draw using fiber that has been carded instead of combed produces a wonderful lofty, insulating yarn know as ‘woolen spun” yarn; a yarn ideal for sweaters, hats, scarves, and is a perfect choice for creating fulled yarn or knitwear!

A request to guild members familiar with this technique: Your wisdom and knowledge is our guilds greatest asset; I hope that you are able to attend the meeting on March 10th to share and pass that knowledge forward.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday March 10th!

The woolen long draw. Be warned – there is music:

UCHG Meeting
Date: March 10th
Time: 7pm
Location: Ulster County Town Hall: 1 Town Hall Drive – Lake Katrine, NY
Topic: Using the rolags prepared in February’s meeting learn how to spin with the long draw technique. What to bring: Your wheel and an empty bobbin!!


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