April 14th 2011 UCHG Meeting

Where to begin?!

Once again I would like to thank everyone who attended March’s meeting! The weather was foul but many choose to brave the weather and take on the challenge of the Long Draw – and with great success I must add! It thrills me beyond words to see such enthusiasm and desire to take on a new skill. Granted some were more then enthusiastic then others. Others, not so much – but your willingness to step outside a comfort zone and try new things was noteworthy!!

With March’s meeting behind us there is great anticipation for April’s meeting…

Spread the word, save your pennies, bring your checkbooks and prepare your questions – once again UCHG is honored to host Mary Pratt from Elihu Farm in Valley Falls, NY!! For those who have yet to attend a meeting, I must warn that you may find your trunk full with fleece before the nights end…

And finally a request to ALL members:

Mary has a wealth of knowledge to share – please take a moment to think of questions to might like to ask her and reply to any one of the UCHG social networking sites. It is our hope to prepare Mary to speak on the topics we want to learn about. OH and if you have a colour or breed request for the fleece sale, please share that as well!! Thank you!

I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday April 14th!

UCHG Meeting
Date: April 14th
Time: 7pm
Location: Ulster County Town Hall: 1 Town Hall Drive – Lake Katrine, NY
Topic: Fleece Sale! Mary Pratt from Elihu Farm in Valley Falls, NY will be on-site sharing her wealth of knowledge and some of the finest fleeces you will ever encounter! What to Bring: Your wallet and checkbook and plenty of room in the trunk – this is a meeting you do NOT want to miss!!


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