April meeting

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Our April meeting is this week: Thursday, April 13, 2017 at the Hudson Valley Midwifery Center, 14 Hurley Ave, Kingston, at 7pm (always the 2nd Thursday of the month). Bring your wheel or drop spindle for a chance to win a door prize!

It’s time to start planning for summer fairs and activities! Now would be a great time to review the categories for fair entries! Here are some useful clickable links:

Ulster County Wool Room: http://ulstercountyfair. com/wp-content/uploads/2013/ 09/2016-Wool-Room.pdf (This is the 2016 handbook, but should give some ideas. Usually the only thing to change is the featured item.)
Dutchess County Fair entries page: http://dutchessfair.com/ dutchess-fair/competitions/ ( Their handbook is not available for 2017 yet, and they do not have the old one posted. When it’s available, you should be able to click on it from this link.)
Don’t forget to take note of the dates of both fairs:
Ulster County Fair, August 1-6, 2017
Dutchess County Fair, August 22-27, 2017
 …that puts the dates for the Fleece to Shawl Competitions Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 27. It’s never too early to start thinking about putting together a team, and we could always use the prize $$$ in the guild’s treasury!


Speaking of the treasury, dues are due! Our annual dues are $15, payable by check or Paypal (choose “send money to a friend”, ulsterspinnerstreas@gmail.com).

Please bring a recent project for Show and Tell if you feel like sharing. We love seeing what our members are up to!

If you take photos at any of our events or meetings, or on your fiber-y adventures, and would like to share them here or on our Facebook page*, email them to ulsterspinners@gmail.com.

UCHG Meeting
Date: April 13th (always the 2nd Thursday of each month)
Time: 7pm
Location: Hudson Valley Midwifery Center, 14 Hurley Ave, Kingston

*note: If you post on our Facebook page, only the admins (Cal, Melody, Whitney) will see it. It’s better if you send to one of us (via Facebook) and we post it; then everyone can see it. thanks!


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